Our sugaring paste is all-natural!

Unwind at the hive! 

Great care went into designing our hive - 

we want to ensure you feel right at home.

Our Wax & Sugaring Studio

Calm & Sanitary

The Sugar Bee Wax & Sugaring studio provides clients with a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. 

Sugar Bee maintains high standards on sanitary practices.

We never reuse wax

or double dip.

Skilled & Trained

See you soon!

Quality Products

Our studio uses organic products that we are proud to serve.

Whether you are a lady or gent, a sugaring newbie or a waxing veteran, Sugar Bee is here to make sure you have the best wax possible.

Denise Santos is a well-qualified and beloved esthetician in the Georgia waxing community. In 2015, she opened the first Sugar Bee Waxing location alongside her sister, Adriana. Together they are dedicated to providing quality products and services in their pristine Suwanee and Roswell studios.

Brazilian Wax & Sugaring in Suwanee